Other Products


Rectifier Modules with Wide AC Input Range and PFC have been developed as per Customer Requirements.All Protections and Alarms are provided along with Remote Monitoring Features. Hot Plug & Compact Size are other Features. Customized Rectifier solutions of 100A 150A and 200A modules have been developed.


Input Filters have been developed for Telecom Applications. These Intelligent Input Filters have an Operating Range of 36 ~ 72V DC with 48V DC Output and Current upto 80A. These Filters protect the Mother System from High Input Voltages and feature Redundancy and Hot-Swap Features.


Triphase has developed Frequency Converer with Output such as 120V / 400Hz. Power ranges from 500 W to 3 kW with single phase output. These Converters feature stabilized output, unaffected by changes in the incoming supply. Variable Converters allow minor adjustment of the output voltage and frequency. We offer the Frequency converters with Rack Mounting or as Floor standing units.


Triphase has designed and developed Inverters for various applications using Digital Signal Processor (DSP) / Microprocessor control. These Inverters are based on IGBT / MOSFET PWM technology. This superior next-generation control allows us to provide a single control board solution for the Inverter, thus increasing reliability by reducing control components. Pure Sine Wave Inverters with Microprocessor controlled systems from 0.5 kW to 30 kW with Single Phase and Three Phase Input are manufactured